Future of Trade

29 March 2023

Leaders’ Dialogue
Welcome and Keynote Address 
Plenary Session 1 – Remaking Trade for a Digital Economy: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Plenary Session 2 – Towards Digital Trade Standards: Speed, Interoperability and Collaboration
Plenary Session 3 – Technology, Trust and Trade
Keynote Remarks and Live Fireside Chat – The Future of Supply Chain
Plenary Session 4 – Trade, Finance, and Sustainability: The Future of Growth
Launch of World Trade Board Roadmap for Financial Inclusion
Closing Remarks
Networking Reception

30 March 2023

Keynote and Fireside Chat
Welcome Address and Keynote

Deep Dive Tracks

Parallel Session 1: Industry and Finance          

  • Digitalising the Maritime Sector: Challenges, Lessons & the Sea Ahead
  • The Future of Trade Finance with the Leadership of the ICC Banking Commission
  • SPECIAL Announcement by Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) 
  • Sustainable Session
  • Beyond financial markets: The business case for a unique counterparty ID
  • Traceable, Trusted and Financed


Parallel Session 3: Technology and Innovation                               

  • Governing the Digital Trade Ecosytem: The TradeTrust example
  • Interoperability POC Sharing Session (Financial)
  • Digital Platforms for SMEs
  • Interoperability POC Sharing Session (Shipping)

Wrap Up, Forum Closing and View Forward

Networking Reception

Parallel Session 2: Policy and Standards    

  • 2023 Policy and Regulatory Outlook: Key Enablers for Digital Trade
  • New Policy Paradigms to enable the Digital Economy
  • Getting to Paperless: MLETR Update and Asia as a case study in application
  • Global macro and country risk strategy in the age of digital trade
  • Artificial Intelligence and Smart Supply Chains

*The programme may be subject to change without prior notice