Luca Castellani

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Luca Castellani is a legal officer in the Secretariat of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). 

He joined the Office of Legal Affairs of the secretariat of the United Nations in 2001 and the UNCITRAL secretariat in 2004, where he worked in the areas of international sales and of electronic commerce.

As secretary of UNCITRAL Working Group IV (Electronic Commerce), he oversaw the preparation of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records as well as work on the use and cross-border recognition of identity management and trust services. He is active in the field of paperless trade facilitation and has contributed to drafting the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific. 

Luca holds an undergraduate degree in law from the University of Torino, a master’s degree in international law from New York University, and a doctoral degree in comparative law from the University of Trieste.

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